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the Octagonal Mill at Lutton Gowts


Sneath’s Mill Trust was set up in 2007 to safeguard the long term future of Sneath’s Mill, an important monument located in the heart of the Fens in South Lincolnshire. The aim of this website is to highlight the work of the Trust in preserving the mill for future generations and to promote initiatives which we hope might inspire an appreciation for our local heritage.



“Our heritage is protected by a number of different systems of designation, which identify a site as being architecturally, archaeologically, historically or artistically significant”

The Trust is a grant making trust that supports registered charities concerned with the the preservation for the benefit of the public of lands, buildings and other objects of beauty or historic interest in the United Kingdom.

“Set up to give special attention to some of the most important landscape and nature conservation on areas of Norfolk”

“The council protects the historic fabric of the district through conservation and planning powers”


“Our aim is to preserve and promote Britain’s historical and intellectual assets”


Develop projects which will have the greatest benefit to people, wildlife and the landscape

“The preservation of the nation’s countryside, towns, villages, and historic landscapes”

"We fund projects which focus on heritage, heritage includes many different things from the past which we value and want to pass on to future generations"

"Promote the conservation and sustainable re-use of historic buildings at risk for the benefit of the public"


We wish to save this nationally important structure and make it accessible to the public


The interior of the tower is currently unsafe but urgent works have been completed to arrest further structural deterioration and deny a home for pigeons


When we are in a position to start considering the mill’s future, we will invite comment from everybody to help establish the best way forward. We are in the application stage for a major grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to develop the mill and its grounds


Three options have been identified for the mill itself; conserve in its present condition, partial or full restoration. The mill and site will need continuing financial sustainability. In simple terms it will need some form of income to pay for its upkeep, insurance and utilities


We aim to promote the mill. Following completion of urgent works we are holding open days for the local community to come and take a closer look




There is a limited amount of historical plans & drawings due to the very age of the mill and its history to date. We live in hope that some more archive reference will come to light, but if it's a case of us being successful in our plans to develop the mill and the site for posterity, then we will be sure to upload more plans, drawings and relevant reference material in this section. Visitors can learn more about the processes and work the Trust has been involved with since 2007 by accessing & downloading any of the documents below; again, more will be added in this section as it becomes available







Sneath’s Mill is small compared to other tower mills in Lincolnshire and has an unusual octagonal shape. The internal wooden machinery is extremely old and the al wooden trundle gearing is a very important example of early mill technology. It appears to have been built in the mid to late 18th century and has a fascinating history which the Trust is working hard to preserve.



C/O Bobbie Ashton

10 Delemore Way

Long Sutton


PE12 9DX

Tel: 01406 363043



The mill can be found on the ordnance survey grid reference TF436243 or PE12 9LQ

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01406 363043

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