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A Green Future


We will use this area of our website to keep all visitors appraised of our vision for future development of the Sneath's Mill site, in line with the very latest in 'green' thinking, initiatives and practices.

If we can safeguard this ancient monument for the benefit of future generations and at the same time create a focal point for relaxation, entertainment, exploration and learning we feel we will have best served the community and the monument itself.

Since 2007, when the Sneath's Mill Trust was formed, we have been in discussion with several eminent consultants and professionals who specialise in best green and eco-friendly practices and we are determined that anything like a Visitor Centre (assuming we receive the appropriate funding and planning permissions in due course), would echo the very best and most up to date in environmentally-friendly thinking and technologies.Be sure to bookmark this page and like our facebook page to discover more about our plans for the green future of Sneath's Mill.

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